Decisions That Make A Man

Decisions that make a man, you come to a point in your life where you find a talent, something you have a knack for and so you decide to share this talent with the world.  I’m in the position at the moment,  i’d like to make a name for myself and have my works be known but, not for the wrong reasons.  Id like for throughout the time that I am sharing my soul with all of you, my audience,  id like to make sure that i am sharing who i truly am, what makes me the man that is writing now.  So, the decision that makes a man is this, choosing to put whats important in your life up front no matter what.  At the center,  front,  and back of my works will continually be Christ. I aim, whether it alienates an audience from my work and keeps me from making the career out of this that id like to, I will let the gospel be seen in my thoughts and poems. God is the reason I’ve survived my own treacherous mind, He is the reason for my talents, and I will give Him the glory He deserves. So to all who are here and those who will come,  welcome to my life, my life is defined by Christ. I hope through my works perhaps others lives could become the same way.

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