In The Fall

I will forever be in love with those ever changing eyes, that green and gold twisting vortex of leaves, that showed itself… to me.

  I come to understand that your eyes foretold a warning in the way they changed like the fall, you were changing as well, that’s how I lost it all.

  Now I sit in the fall wondering where you’ve gone, I remember it all, staying up talking from dusk till the dawn.

  The way the sun rose when it rose upon your face was the most beautiful sight I’ve seen, it’s been so hard to try and replace.

  I keep searching for answers, but the answers don’t come, i made you more than my world, you were the center of me…my very sun.

  Nature is the only way i could ever think to explain you, so i do it once more, hoping to understand, how did i lose you…and when did i become such a broken man.

  I still have my God, that much i know but  i could swear i felt something pure and true between our two souls; I lost you, and in that i lost control.

  Now that I’ve recovered and picked myself back up, i still feel it all deep within my heart; Ill try to ignore it at least for now, but the thoughts always come back and that is why i feel… like my heart is under attack.

  So i fight through this storm and embrace the change in weather, for this fall is one that will do nothing but sever.

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