Sweet Purpose

 Oh where can you be found sweet purpose of mine; oh what am i to do with this short life.
   Meanings are elusive for many of life’s mysteries but one that is known is that I’m here to help blind men see.
   I fall and i falter, i hide myself from the Lord, but His watchful eye will always find me, His hands lifting me back up reminding me that the Bible is my sword.
   I follow His word and i know what path to take,  its the one thats the most challenging, but also the one with less mistakes.
   I follow my God because he leads me in His glory, when i am beside the Lord i needn’t worry about an ending to my story.
   I am here, i am alive, and im prepared for a fight,  i look up in prayer and then like an angel i take flight.
   I hope others find sweet purpose by seeing mine, for the sweetest of paths is sometimes the toughest one to climb.

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