Addiction’s True Face

   Addiction is a thief that creeps in the night,  it steals your soul and instills you with fright.

   Addiction is a war that never will end every single battle you start the fight again.
   Addiction steals your children, addiction steals your life, no matter the addiction it controls you… it’s leash is on tight.

   Addiction will not let go no matter what you do addiction holds on forever not just a day or two.

   So, i advise you my friends please never give in to anything addictive or it may just grab you until the end.

   I have lost my battle one hundred times over but the war still wages on, a war that with the right weapons actually can be won.

   Addiction may grip your throat and refuse to let go but I tell you I serve a God who’s sword will slice through that demons control.

    Addiction will not have me,  no not today, the fight may come back tomorrow but I will try to stay strong; I will keep on fighting though the war may be long.

   Nobody wishes to talk of addictions pains and how it clings, for everyone has felt addictions fatal sting.

   I remind you still that there certainly is hope, scripture will guide you, and prayer will help you cope.

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