Racism, Hatred, and My Thoughts On It All

RACIST PEOPLE ARENT RACIST BECAUSE TRUMP WAS ELECTED, RACIST PEOPLE ARE RACIST BECAUSE THEY SUCK. We live in an increasingly digital and film everything oriented age so yes there are allot of stories of terrible racism and rudeness being shown in video and in posts. I urge you to understand that for most cases people have just always been that way and would react in these terrible ways no matter what president we had. Even if Trump does have his issues it’s getting really annoying seeing his presidency be blamed for EVERYTHING! Also note that in most of these cases its 1 or 2 looneys with other people on the side backing up the person under attack. You can always see how flustered and confused they get when other “white folk” stand up for the people they wrongfully attack. Now, my statement isn’t pefect but there is a happy median to be found Im sure there are cases where Trump has “inspired” hate in others, but I dare to state that that is due to these peoples ignorance, blindness, natrual evil, and all of the fake news we face. There are people both liberal and “conservative” that believe crazy stupid things. Unfortunately the way the world works is there are more bad natured people then there are good sometimes. So, I urge you my friends be a light calm the negativity and be the solution. Shine into someomes life today and do something about what worries you, don’t just complain, though I will say Ive been guilty of doing just that. My advice is easier said than done, but anyways those are my thoughts.

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